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Kraftfahrer bei Meyer Logistik

Testimonials from drivers at Meyer Logistik

Who would be better qualified to say something about the working environment or Meyer Logistik as an employer than our employees themselves. Read here why our drivers appreciate Meyer Logistik.

Fortunately, we are not subject to the fluctuations in the labour market. The order volume is stable and I can plan ahead without having to worry about my job.

Raik B.


What I like most is the excellent work-life balance. I used to work a lot in long-distance transport and I enjoyed it very much, too. When I wanted to have a family, I moved on and found the right job here.

Alexander G.


I didn’t expect such a wide-ranging further training programme. It’s nice to see that there are still employers who invest in their staff.

Stefan B.


At last, you have the feeling of having arrived. You are part of a professional team in a respectful working environment.

Heiko K.