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We have summarized the most common questions of candidates. If your question is not answered here, please feel free to contact us: bewerbung@meyer-logistik.com. We will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.

General Drivers Pupils & Students
What happens to my application?

After receipt of your application documents, you will be sent a confirmation of receipt as soon as possible. After reviewing the contents, your application will be forwarded to the corresponding department / location.

When can I expect your reply?

You will receive a qualified reply within two weeks of receipt of your application.

What happens to my data?

Your application documents will be saved in our applicant management system and will be deleted after completion of the entire application procedure in compliance with the data privacy regulations. If you match the applicant profile but we are unable to offer you a position, we will add you to our pool of applicants, of course, subject to your consent. As soon as a suitable position is available, we will contact you automatically.

What driving licence category do I need to have?

You need to have at least a category C driving licence to work as a driver in our company. Depending on the location and the vehicle type, a category CE driving licence is required. This information is always stated in the respective job advertisement.

Is sending a speculative application worthwhile?

Our company is constantly growing. When a suitable position becomes available, we will give preference to your speculative application and will not place a job advertisement.

What is the weekly working time? Will I have to work in shifts?

The working time is 48 hours a week. Depending on the location, the vehicles are manned in one or two shifts. Please find more information on this in the respective job advertisement.

I do not yet have the code 95 in my driving licence. Can I nevertheless start out as a driver?

You will have the opportunity to make up for any missing modular training courses. However, you may not work as a driver as long as the code 95 is not entered in your driving licence.

What kinds of internships do you offer?

Our ambition is to give our interns an insight into our industry sector and our company and to offer them the opportunity to actively participate in ongoing projects. For this reason, the minimum term of internship in our company is three months. In general, we offer the following internships:
- Compulsory internship as part of the studies
- Voluntary internship
- Advanced internship

Do you offer a work-study programme?

Yes, we offer a work-study programme for holders of an upper secondary leaving certificate. Since we endeavour to keep a high standard, we only offer a small number of these positions. As soon as such a position becomes available, we will place a corresponding job advertisement.

Can I write my dissertation or thesis in your company?

As a rule, we offer students the opportunity to write their thesis in our company. However, this is always subject to the prerequisite that a practically oriented subject is selected. Please send us a speculative application to make a specific enquiry.