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Meyer Logistik - Expertise in freshness

We have been ensuring freshness in the market since 1949! In Germany, we now employ more than 1,800 staff members and more than 1,000 vehicles at over 100 locations on a daily basis to distribute delicate foodstuffs reliably and on schedule.

Our decades of experience make us one of the first points of contact in all matters relating to food distribution logistics from Sweden to Romania. In Germany, nearly all renowned food retailers rely on our “expertise in freshness”.

To learn more about our company, please visit www.meyer-logistik.com

Why Meyer Logistik?

Over the last few years, Meyer Logistik has developed to become a haulage company that meets today’s diversified requirements. As an employee, you can expect respectful interaction, wide-ranging vocational and further training opportunities, a pleasant working environment and, most importantly, promising career prospects. Every department of our company offers excellent opportunities for your personal career advancement. Please find more detailed information in the respective section of this website. The relationships with our employees and customers are characterised by mutual trust and long-term collaboration.

We have been one of the leading innovators in our industry sector for decades, which we have once again demonstrated by introducing the “eForce one” project (www.meyer-logistik.com). We were also trailblazers in using natural gas and hybrid trucks. This is attributable not only to our fascination with technology but also to our sense of responsibility for the environment. All vehicles of our German fleet already meet the EURO 5 emission standard or higher, which we achieve by consistently and regularly updating our vehicle fleet. As a result, we contribute to protecting the environment and always provide our drivers and customers with state-of-the-art vehicle technology.